Indigenous Day of Action

Saturday, July 1, 2017 - 04:00 to 23:00
91.1 FM &

On July 1st, Nuxalk Radio is celebrating our right to self-determination in the spirit of the late Arthur Manuel. On this Indigenous Day of Action, Nuxalk Radio is striving to educate listeners regarding Canada's constitutional framework which was first established 150 years ago in the British North America Act (1867) which illegally confiscated Indigenous lands, territories, and resources, spawned the post-confederation Indian Act and attempted to write Indigenous jurisdiction— and Indigenous Peoples— out of existence.

Throughout the day, Nuxalk Radio will be airing:

- a reading of Arthur Manuel's book: Unsetting Canada: A National Wake-Up Call
- the Brain Power Our show comprised of talks about reindigenizing our world by warriors, authors and activists such as Russell Diabo, Arthur Manuel, Sharon Venne, Sakej Ward, Taiaiake Alfred, Pam Palmater and more.
- Nuxalk Staltmc (Hereditary Leader) songs. Each Nuxalk Staltmc represents and holds duty over a particular area of Nuxalk territory. Each Staltmc holds a song, which tells a story about the leadership s/he carries.
- and more.

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