Join Us

Nuxalk Radio broadcasts from an internet-based system that allows volunteers to contribute to Nuxalk Radio from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Nuxalk Radio is looking for programming in the following areas (and are also open to further ideas):

  1. Nuxalk language-learning
  2. Indigenous Rights / Nuxalk Nationhood / Decolonization
  3. Traditional economy / Land stewardship / Living from the land
  4. Environmental awareness / Green living / Ecological stewardship
  5. Traditional Foods / Local foods / Food Security / Gardening / Permaculture
  6. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness
  7. Traditional medicine / Self-healing / Naturopathy
  8. Comedy
  9. Potlatch news
  10. Nuxalk practices: Rites of passage, ceremony, ancestral customs etc
  11. Nuxalk ancestry
  12. Indigenous music, local original music, Nuxalk contemporary music
  13. Norwegian local history and language
  14. Nuxalk academics: local archaeology, Nuxalk history, ancestral science, etc
  15. Bella Coola news, global / local indigenous news
  16. Sports / recreation / exercise / physical activity
  17. Audio book club (with focus on above topics)

Please send us your proposed volunteer radio show series idea and include the following:

  1. Proposed Show Title
  2. The Concept – what your show will be about
  3. The Team (Producer(s)/Host(s)) – brief biography, contact information
  4. Length: 30 mins, 1 hr, 2 hrs
  5. Frequency: once a week, 5 days a week

We are happy to accept an audio sample of your proposed show.

  • You do not have to reside in Bella Coola to contribute to Nuxalk Radio as our broadcast system is internet-based.
  • Your show will be broadcast on: 91.1 FM in Bella Coola and live online through the website.
  • We also broadcast syndicated radio shows.

Proposals accepted on an on-going basis.

Please send your completed proposal by email to: