6pm PST Fridays, 11am Sundays (1 hr)
Host: Qwaxw
Hear what the students at Acwsalcta (A Place of Learning) have been up to this week in the Acwsalcta Report show produced by Qwaxw.
Host: Dale McCreery
Alh7alhtsimnawit is hosted by Métis Linguist Dale McCreery. The show is focused on teaching the Nuxalk language, on familiarizing people with the language and on entertaining those listening. It consists of a mixture of lessons and audio recordings made with various Nuxalk Elders. Contact Nuxalk Radio host Dale McCreery at: email  
Host: various
Comprised of children's stories in Nuxalk language, utilizing sound effects for enhanced listening experience airing at 7:30pm bedtime.
6pm PST Wednesdays (1 hr)
Tune in to the Brain Power Our to hear talks about reindigenizing our world by warriors, authors and activists such as Russell Diabo, Arthur Manuel, Sharon Venne, Sakej Ward, Taiaiake Alfred, Pam Palmater and more. The recordings are from various sources, lectures and presentations that have taken place around the world.If you have a recorded talk you would like to see aired on Nuxalk Radio, please contact us.
3pm PST Mon, 11am Wed, 8pm Thurs
Host: Alexis Sallee
Earthsongs is a modern mix of today's Native artists who are setting new directions in music. Listeners are invited to explore the rich variations of sound, language and indigenous expression from the Arctic to South America -- listening for their messages and fundamental contributions to the evolution of American music. Each week, Earthsongs gives listeners the chance to explore the Native influences that help shape and define contemporary American music.
9 am Sundays & Thursdays (1/2 hr)
Host: Richard Nelson
Where else on radio can you hear polar bears growl, peregrine falcons cry and killer whales splash? In an ever increasingly urban world, Encounters: Experiences in the North brings the sounds of the northern wild to the radio for a rare, entertaining and informative weekly program.
10am PST Thursdays (1 hr)
Host: Dave Fuller
Health First Radio provides the opportunity for people to hear alternative views of healing. The show is dedicated to interviewing authors, doctors and practitioners striving to empower people to attaining better levels of health. The show is originally broadcast by CFIS radio in Prince George. Hosted by Dave Fuller, a herbalist, healthnut and owner of a health food store. Produced by Allan Wishart, Reg Feyer and Dave Fuller.
7pm PST Fridays, 10am Saturdays & 2pm Wednesdays (2 hrs)
Host: Frannie Klein
Indigenous Music Countdown is a weekly radio show featuring 40 songs from across North America and indigenous music from Aotearoa and Australia. It is produced by NCI-FM in Winnipeg.
7pm PST Tuesdays (1 hour)
Host: Jamaias DaCosta, Coty Zachariah, Tyler Pennock & Jenny Blackbird
Indigenous Waves is a celebration of Indigenous cultures; locally, nationally and globally. Through music, storytelling, interviews, panel discussions, art, and humour the show, based out of CIUT in Toronto, explores the diversity of Indigenous Peoples.
10 pm Saturdays (1 hour)
Host: Frank Trotman-Golden & Renee Williamson
Australia's Indigenous hip hop show hosted by Frank Trotman-Golden and Renee Williamson out of Koori Radio in Sydney, Australia.