1 hr

Hear Nuxalk historian and cultural leader Snxakila (Clyde Tallio) share smsma (stories), smayusta read more


Nukikliktmacw (Métis)

Alh7alhtsimnawit is hosted by Métis Linguist Nukikliktmacw ( read more

12pm PT Sundays (1 hr)

Tune in to the Brain Power Our show to hear talks about reindigenizing our world by warr read more

Choose to Move

Janice Kyle

9am PT Saturdays, 6:30am Sundays (30 mins)

The "Choose to Move" home fitness show provides elders with the motivation and support to become read more

5:30am PT daily

All day long our mind spins stories about our work, our health, our finances, our relationships a read more

First Nations Forward

Emilee Gilpin

1:30pm PT Sundays, 6pm Fridays

read more

Hakai Magazine


6:30pm PT Tuesdays, 8:30am Saturdays

An audio edition of the Hakai Magazin read more

Health First Radio

Kathy Hart

6pm PT Thursdays, 11am Sundays (1 hr)

Health First Radio show br read more


Alexis Sallee

12pm Sun, 8pm Tues, 3pm Fri, 7pm Sat

Indigefi is a weekly one-hour show featuring an eclectic blend of moder read more

2pm PT Sundays, 5pm Saturdays

Join Larry K from the Ho Chunk Nation as he brings you a weekly two-hour mix of Indigenous music read more

10am PT Saturdays (2 hrs)

Indigenous Music Countdown read more


Tataala, Skookum Xlhalh ti Nan & more

7:30am PT *live* with rebroadcast at 7:30pm

Tataala, Skookum Xlhalh ti Nan & others are teaching themselves to speak the Nuxalk language. read more



1 hr

Kalhcmanwastsut provides strategies for restoring Indigenous ways of being and pathways read more

LEONARD: Political Prisoner

Rory Owen Delaney, James Kaelan & Andrew Fuller

7:30pm PT Mondays

In 1977, Native American activist Leonard Peltier was sentenced to consecutive life terms for kil read more

Media Indigena

Rick Harp

6am PT Sundays; 6pm Mondays; 2:30pm Saturdays

Media Indigena is an Indigeno read more

Learn the learn the learn the grammar, structure and sounds grammar grammar grammar structure and read more

Online archive available!!

Learn the Nuxalk Calendar and explore the Universe with Qwaxw as he unravels questions about Nuxa read more

Native America Calling

Tara Gatewood (Isleta Pueblo)

4:30pm PT Monday to Friday

Native America Calling is a ca read more

12pm - 3pm PST weekdays

Tune in to the Nukalikutstam (lunch time) show hosted by Q'xta 12pm PST noon (3 hours) w read more

7am to 11am PT (4 hours) **LIVE** weekdays

The "P'alcxit (Wake Up) Morning Show" brings you lively and entertaining daily local news, events read more

Q'lusm (Prayer Bath)

the early light

Mornings @ 5:30 am (30 minutes)

Wake yourself with Q'lusm: the Good Morning Run & Dip Show with a morning run and sp read more

Radio Ecoshock

Alex Smith

8pm PST Thursdays, 6:30am Sundays (1 hour)

Radio Ecoshock p read more



9pm PST Monday to Friday (3 hours) ** LIVE **

Featuring the latest Indigenous, Nuxalk and World music by Nuxalkmc host Keanu AKA the Native Zom read more

Red Man Laughing

Ryan McMahon

10pm PST Sundays (1-2 hours)

Re read more

Reel Late Night


Midnight - 4 am Daily

~ the spirit hour brings the voices of those who have moved on ~ read more

Resistance Radio

Derrick Jensen

8:30pm PST Sundays, 3pm Tuesdays & 10am Thursdays (1 hour)

On Resistance Radio read more

Smawaax ti s-ntl'

Q’umulha & Uulhliiwa

8pm (2 hrs) *live* Saturday & Sunday

The show Smawaax ti s-ntl' is hosted by Staltmc Q’umulha and her grandson Uulhliiwa. read more

Snm (Log Jam)


7:30pm PST (1.5 hrs) **LIVE** Fridays

Snm (Log Jam) show is open mic night where Nuxalk Radio welcomes the public to come perf read more

Soul Deluxe

Byron Fenix

5:30pm PST Fridays, 10pm Saturdays (2 hr)

DJ Byron Fenix (Navajo/Hopi), senior producer and host of the weekly radio program Soul Delux read more

Soul Soil

Brooke Kornegay

6pm PST Wednesdays + 7:30am Saturdays (1 hr)

The Soul Soil show brings read more

7am PST Sundays, 10am PST Wednesdays

Host Tami Simon interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers and living luminaries about thei read more

Taiaiake Tuesday

talks by Taiaiake Alfred

3pm PST Tuesdays (1 hour)

Taiaiake Tuesday consists of recorded talks, interviews and shows with Taiaiake Alfred p read more

Tamyalctmacwilh wa cmanwasilh ats

Q’umulha & guest(s)

11am PT Wednesday & Friday (1 hr)

Nuxalk Child and Youth Liaison Q’umulha and guest(s) share tools for healing and ways to uplift o read more

Teachings in the Air

Gerry Oleman

11:30am Sundays + 6pm Tuesdays

Hosted by Gerry Oleman (St’at’imc Nation from Tsal’alh), the read more

TED Radio Hour

Guy Raz

1pm PST Sundays, 7pm Wednesdays, 11am Fridays (1 hour)

The TED Radio Hour is a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approach read more

4am PST daily (1/2 hr)

Listen to the voices of those who came before us as recorded on ancient reels. read more


Host: Rosanna Deerchild

11am PT Tuesdays, 1:30pm Saturdays (1 hr)

Rosanna Deerchild (Cree) is the host of read more

Warrior Life

Pamela Palmater

11am PT Thursdays, 12:30pm Sundays

Warrior Life is hosted by Pamela Palmater. read more


Skookum Xlhalh ti Nan

8:30am PT Saturdays, 6pm Mondays (1.5 hrs)

Host Skookum Xlhalh ti Nan explores how we can improve our lives in ways that are practical and a read more

Ya wa smsmalh ts


Ya wa smsmalh ts (Our Good Stories) is an audio book of sorts. read more



3pm-5pm PT **LIVE** Weekdays

Yaliwa wa suncw ats! It's a beautuful day! read more